Jason and Felix before he was Phoenix, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

Jason and Felix before he was Phoenix, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

Along with Terri, Jason and Phoenix are official hosts of The Chetwood. Good vibes patrol! 

Eli Reitz, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

Eli Reitz, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

We have our aesthetic guru Elias Reitz to thank for cabin-like interior of The Chetwood.

Jamie Dutcher, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

Jamie Dutcher, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

Jamie Dutcher started it all by building the walls of The Chetwood. Thanks to his persistence in the very beginning, our fledgling dream became a reality.

Darren Wilson, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

Darren Wilson, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

The endlessly talented Daren Wilson is responsible for the exquisite calligraphy on our website.

David Wilson, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

David Wilson, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

With David Wilson, anything is possible. He's been our righthand man throughout the creation of this space, a constant source of inspiration, and a Chetwood curator. Here he is working on the handmade house.

Flora Grubb, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

Flora Grubb, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

The Chetwood garden is an ongoing collaboration with our horticultural hero Flora Grubb.

Drew Bennett, Portrait by © Terri Loewenthal

Drew Bennett, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

If it weren't for Vibe Dept. Manager Drew Bennett, The Chetwood garden might still be dust and pebbles. Drew crafted our hardscape deck and everything spiraled out from there. We also team with Drew in hosting visitors he invites to participate in the Facebook Artist-in-Residence program.

Kelly Best, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

Kelly Best, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

Kelly Best designed and built some choice details in The Chetwood music studio. 

Adam Hatch, Portrait by ©  Terri Loewenthal

Adam Hatch, Portrait by ©Terri Loewenthal

Thanks to Adam Hatch our residents are quite literally cooking with gas in The Chetwood kitchen.



We don't know this guy's name, but felt he deserved some recognition for removing the 20' tree that was threatening to crush The Chetwood.