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Mission (what we do)
The Chetwood is an artist residency program in Oakland, CA which provides a physical space and opportunity for visiting artists to create lasting community with Bay Area artists. In an increasingly connected world, it is vital for artists in the Bay Area and beyond to forge and keep lasting connections which help develop individual arts practices and create supportive peer networks outside typical art-making structures. The Chetwood aims to be a Bay Area home to where artists can return.

The Chetwood doubles as a live-in gallery. With rotating solo shows, visitors of The Chetwood are offered the unique experience of interacting with one artist’s work for extended periods of time in a nontraditional setting. We aim to provide visitors with an accessible experience of art, thereby growing the appreciation and patronage of artists we love.

Vision (how we do it)
We provide temporary living space for visiting artists who are presenting work in the Bay Area, are collaborating with Bay Area artists, or are otherwise finishing works-in-progress. In addition, we organize opportunities for visiting artists to create community with local artists through talks, lectures, networking events, and work-in-progress presentations, open to the public, allowing them to share their work and create a community where ideas are exchanged and artistic practices are developed among peers. We'll announce those in our news section, on Instagram, and via email. Please subscribe to our mailing list below and join us!

The Chetwood is a self-sufficient 600 sq ft apartment on the ground level of artist Terri Loewenthal’s house near Lake Merritt in Oakland. Since 2012, it has given sanctuary for visiting artists while allowing them to fully immerse themselves in Bay Area culture. The creation of this space was a community effort, with contributions from our home team including Bay Area artists David Wilson, Drew Bennett, Adam Hatch and Elias Reitz. These local artists and craftspeople have assisted in the design, conceptualization, construction, and customization of the space. Visiting artists have private living quarters and access to an in-house wood shop, music studio, and garden which is an ongoing collaboration with Flora Grubb.

Past residents include multidisciplinary musician/performer/technologists Lucky Dragons (Sarah Rara / Luke Fischbeck), during their residency at the Exploratorium; documentary filmmaker Cheryl Dunn during her commission from Creative Growth Art Center to create a documentary about William Scott; chef Eric Werner during the book release event for The Edible Selby at Camino restaurant; artist Nathaniel Russell and his murals-in-progress; and Tokyo chefs Shin Harakawa and Rimpei, during their residency at Chez Panisse. 

From founder Terri Loewenthal: Some of the most rewarding moments I’ve experienced as an artist and touring musician are found in the cracks and crevasses of the trip. Fit between performance or show, most of an artist’s time abroad is spent with hosts, curators, fans, collaborators and local artist communities. The people I’ve met during my travels have had a lasting effect on me as an artist, as a human, and as a member of a worldwide network of creative people. It is endlessly inspiring to meet like-minded people around the globe; it’s the window into other worlds, other minds, and thus, truly new ideas. I started The Chetwood in order to contribute to this global conversation, and to offer what I hope will be life and career changing experience to people traveling to the Bay Area in order to create something meaningful.